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Did you ever wake up at 3:30 in the morning with an idea or a message?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and really looked at yourself and thought, how is it that I am here at this point and I thought it would be different.

Did you ever just wonder where you could have pivoted a different way and it would have changed the course of your life forever?

Did you ever have your heart broken by someone else? But then did you ever recognize that maybe it was really you that broke your own spirit by a decision you made?

Have you ever experienced rejection, abandonment, loss, grief, anxiety, depression, PTSD, abuse of any kind? You're not alone. 

Did you ever just wonder what your purpose for life is?


Did you ever wonder if there is a higher power?

If I were to look back and talk to my little self, I would explain that you will be forever changed when a life-defining moment happens that will break your spirit or your heart long before you even understand what heartbreak means. 


This will springboard your life into a series of adversities to which some may bring you close to death. You will experience hard times beyond what most would understand.

There will be times that will test your will for life, knowing that you have no control over the events that happen to you. The sheer physical, mental, verbal abuse you will endure will make you feel "different", but you know its not true.

Yet the gift bestowed to your unconventional childhood will be a safe haven that will teach your spirit and gift you. This is the gift of a life filled with the inner abundance that you will uncover for souls everywhere around the globe.

You are divinely kept in the care of your guardian angels who will show themselves to you throughout your journey and many times you will miss their presence. Yet, there will be times that they will show up so undoubtedly you won't miss their presence.

For many of you, your authenticity to your true spirit and true self you had as a child will be lost with other's ideas and projections of society with the congestion of modern-day technology or material goods. So its time to Retreat to Peace.

Most people spend their entire lives searching for meaning. Meaning of life, the meaning of their lives purpose. Searching for happiness, joy, love, and peace. What if you could find the answers to these questions in moments instead of years?

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