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Let's live a life in peace and authenticity...

When the universe shows up with a message so powerful that it stops you in your tracks, you just can't keep it to yourself, you have to share the message.









When you know that you aren't living your authentic life and something is stopping you but you are not sure what, its time to go inward and find out more. Find that inner self that holds the keys.

Most people will spend an entire lifetime searching for the answers, not knowing they had them within themselves the whole time.

Join the community that keeps coming back to shorten the learning curve from years to moments, and live their authentic life with an abundance of peace, love, and joy.  

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"For two years I have been struggling with what seemed like the darkest period of my life. I was reaching out for support anywhere I could find it. All of this was a battle I had been fighting and the entire world went into lockdown with added another layer of darkness. It was at that point that my path crossed with Catherine Daniels. From the first moment I virtually met her there was an instant connection. It was though I have known her all my life. She has presence and energy that is warm, calming and safe. While providing that she in knowledgeable, enthusiastic, motivating and direct. One thing I love about Catherine is that she is coming from a place of knowing, really and truly. She has been in the dark places, she has had her struggles. She is not coming from a place of a textbook.

For me, as both a client who has significantly struggled but also a professional ( I am a licensed clinical social worker) that is very important to me. In six months I was able to make changes and take some chances in my process that I never thought I would be able to do. She is always encouraging, nonjudgmental and willing to help in any way she is able. I have found moments of peace and gained a support in my life like no other.

She has truly been the lighthouse in my storm and I am eternally grateful."

                                                                                                                                            - Lauren V

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